About Kombi Nomad

Sleeping Beauties

Kombi Nomad sources discarded Volkswagen Kombis that still retain the patina of time. It’s rare to find good vans that have lasted the test of time, most of them have been restored or perished.

Find out more about our approach and see examples of our classic car restoration techniques here.

The Kombi Nomad Look

We bring forgotten Splitties back to life while preserving what nature took so long to enhance. Damaged and rusted sections are repaired to a restorer’s standard retaining as much originality and patina as possible.

In some vans, for those who want something extra, we are adding contemporary features. These “treats” are hidden away behind the authentic Kombi facade without disturbing what makes it unique and original.

There is a difference between Conservation and Restoration

A typical full restoration is not the only approach in bringing an untouched Kombi “barn find” back to life. We started Kombi Nomad to offer an alternative where the individual character of that particular Kombi that has evolved over time is retained. We call this Kombi Conservation. You will see from the work that has been carried out on our finished Kombi that we have been able to retain its character and keep the patina of time.


Kombi Conservation

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