Conserving classic cars is a growing trend

There is a growing trend towards preserving classic cars and it is being fuelled by a dwindling number of cars in their original condition and a preference for authenticity.

According to Shannons National Auctions Manager, Christophe Boribon

… a broader trend towards preservation rather than restoration of classic cars that has taken off in the last decade and is now being reflected in higher prices for well preserved original cars.

This trend to preserve rather than restore is being driven by a combination of rising prices for rarer types of cars and a diminishing number of survivor cars. More people are seeing the need to preserve the remaining original unmolested examples.”

Classic cars that have been left alone for years – or barn finds – can be restored to original condition.

Boribon explains that a preservation car needs to have been maintained close to how it left the factory, retaining original components, paintwork, trim and upholstery. A restoration may have reproduction parts, materials and new paint.

Nicholas was into preservation before it became trendy. As he sees it, “a preserved car becomes a reference point.”

“Others can use it to see how their cars should be, the correct markings, the exact type of bolts or master cylinders that were used. We learn from originals about the build standards, type of paint, leather or vinyl they used.”

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