Searching the length and breadth of the U.S.

Our passion doesn’t just keep us locked away in the workshop, we spend a lot of time searching for abandoned Kombi vans. We’re Kombi detectives – picking up leads and following clues and tips until we come upon one waiting to be revived.

On our last trip to the U.S.A. we got to know the previous owner of Foamy, a Volkswagen enthusiast himself. After sharing our mission to revive abandoned Kombi vans with him, he showed us some old pictures of a velvet green 1966 Westfalia campervan that he used to drive across the country. This sparked fond memories of his time with “Foamy” when he was younger. He couldn’t keep himself from sharing these memories with us. As time passed and family and commitment grew “Foamy” was neglected until he passed her on to an enthusiast with the intention of bringing her back to old glory. Sadly none of these plans were implemented so “Foamy” laid idle until we were taken to see her. After a twenty year wait she’s in line to be revived. She’s in good, original condition, prefect for the “Kombi Nomad” approach.

During one of our other adventures, we came across Mango. Parked with a missing rear axle, she looked like as if she had been waiting for her recovery for some time. We were met with the same level of enthusiasm and were given every possible assistance to give her a new chance.

Every encounter with an abandoned Kombi van and her owner, along with her history, is as exciting as the next. Finding a true survivor is always a special and exciting moment for us,  made even more exciting knowing that we will give her new life.

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