In the workshop


Applying classic car restoration techniques and expert craftsmanship with careful attention to detail we blend the new with the aged. The work is led by a German-trained professional classic car restorer. He applies common techniques such as TIG, MIG, Oxy, and spot welding methods where appropriate, and butt welding for invisible joins and corrosion prevention. Corroded areas are media blasted to ensure total rust removal and to prepare for paint application.


The same level of detail is applied to the painted surfaces. The correct stages of paint application are used to blend the new high quality paint layers into the original factory paint. The Kombi Nomad vans finally receive a treatment of Mike Sander’s rust prevention grease, the European leader in rust prevention. Each cavity, box section and high risk area is “sealed” to assure the best possible protection for our Kombi Nomad vans when they hit the road once again.


There are two interior options available. The first is an original, factory version, restored and replaced using original parts. The second option is custom-designed to a particular theme that is unique to each individual Kombi model. Modern features are carefully integrated to maintain a seamless and authentic Kombi feel and rounding up the classic car restoration.

Parts & Panels

Applying a classic car restoration approach, original Volkswagen replacements are used where parts and panels are beyond repair. Otherwise only the best quality spare parts and panels are chosen. They have been sourced from leading classic Volkswagen part suppliers from around the world. Great care has been taken to ensure the replacements comply with the correct specifications of each individual Kombi.

Reconditioned VW engines from Speedwell USA


Kombi Nomad engines are completely rebuilt by Ray Schubert, Speedwell USA. They have been disassembled, cases split and parts resurfaced in compliance with factory tolerances. The crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and fly wheels have been finely balanced and blueprinted to reduce vibration and increase power and performance. Ray only uses best quality replacement parts and reconditioned original Volkswagen components when new parts are required.

Roll over this image to reveal some examples of our classic car restoration work.
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